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Wise Publications Printing has produced over 3 million books for 10,000 authors. We specialize in hardback & paperback books from 1 to 10,000 at a reasonable price that fits your publishing budget.

We design, typeset, print, & bind about 200 non-fiction titles a year for area writers. Author services also include illustrations, professional editing, press releases, ghostwriting & marketing guidance.


    Many groups need to raise two to three thousand dollars or more each year for their normal activities. Member dues only go so far, but a custom cookbook can be a unique fund raising opportunity. Almost all family households will buy a book to support your group at a profit of about $10.00 per sale. We have seen how any small group can market 300 books easily and many organizations raise profits of over $10,000.

     A cookbook project is a fun way to promote your mission. A custom book can include: activity photos, educational literature, community involvement information, and help advance your goals. Wise Publications can help you design a book that cooks can enjoy and members will be proud of.

     We’re ready to give you guidance on how to get started and help you estimate the profits your group can raise!

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A Reliable Way to Raise Thousands of Dollars

for your Organization’s Project


Cookbook Fundraising

Ideal for:

Church Youth Activities

Family Reunions

Ladies Auxiliaries

Honor Societies

Private School Funding

Community Service Groups

Dance Schools

School Clubs


How To Do A Cookbook Fundraiser

1. Form a Committee. This should be comprised of persons committed to raising profits thru book sales, ad sales, and community sponsorship.

2. Determine Your Monetary Goals. Any committee can easily earn$1,000 -$3,000 in profits and with our help in planning, many groups collect$15,000
or more by selling over 2,000 books!

3. Decide the Quantity of Books Needed to Sell. We’ll give you wholesale and suggested retail prices based upon the number of recipes and custom style you like.

4. Set Timeline. It usually takes a month to collect and sort recipes; 6 weeks to design, type and print; and a month or more to sell-out.

5. Collect Recipes. Let us offer tips on how to easily gather 300 or more of your groups favorite, best dishes.

6. Decide Design Preferences. This is the fun part. From ring binders to hard cover, or even full color, we can help you custom design an attractive book to represent your organization.

7. Place Order. The final step where you commit to the scope of the fundraiser project and design of your book.

8. Distribute Books. The primary duties of the cookbook committee is in the marketing and selling of the books. Wise Publications can assist you in planning the best sales strategies for maximum profits.


Church Cookbooks

A successful cookbook can earn thousands of dollars for:

Women’s Fellowship Projects

Youth Group Activities

Sunday School Operations

Building Finance

Anniversary Observation



     Are you looking for a great fund-raising opportunity? Cookbooks are a popular idea. They are the best selling books in America today! A church cookbook can be an easy income generator for your Women’s Missions, Youth Group activities or even to observe the anniversary of your church. It can be a good fellowship project with lots of personal memories included with each church members recipes. Everyone loves cookbooks and using them as a fund-raiser is so simple ... you collect the recipes and we design the book.

     With a small investment of time, you and your church can realize your goals for a beautiful cookbook and profits for your mission. Your members will buy your cookbooks for a variety of reasons: (1) to support your fund-raising effort, (2) to see their names and recipes in print, (3) to have their friends favorite recipes. And isn’t everyone eager to buy a cookbook with time-tested family recipes?

     Wise Publications produces well-designed, quality books. We also offer a unique one-on-one service, making you aware of your publishing options and working together with you to custom produce the exact book. Our product is widely known for its professional appearance and durability, and our customers often comment on the fair prices that are competitive with the internet. We do all that you need to prepare and process your cookbook for publication: including typing, editing, formatting text, selecting photos, art design, and even photography. We have been in business for 34 years and have heard from

thousands of customers who have been pleased with the financial success of this program.

     Please call us at 337-527-8308 so that we can discuss your church’s needs and give you some profit potential information. (For example: 300 cookbooks cost about $5.00 and sell for $15.00...A $3,000 profit!). We hope that we will have the opportunity to explore this special project idea.


Your church cookbook
can have:

History of Church

Retired Pastors

Old Photos

Personal Reminiscences

Custom Art Cover

Missions Work Information

Historic photos of Church

Individual Recipe Remarks


Children’s Recipes

Pictures of Committees




Plastic Comb Binding

The economical favorite for a standard 6” x 9” lay-flat cookbook. Usually done with a glossy card stock cover that can also be laminated. Plastic combs come in many matching colors and provide a stiff spine that can be imprinted for a small additional fee. Many groups that are selling within the members of their own organization choose this popular binding to maintain a low retail price.

Plastic Comb Colors

First impressions are important and the right color combination is key to an eye-catching design. We offer a large assortment of comb colors to enhance your custom cover. Please take a moment to consider the comb color best suited to your cover and feel free to call your personal cookbook consultant 337-527-8308 with any questions. Many colors available: Red, Brown, Yellow, Navy Royal Blue, Light Gray, Green, Charcoal, Maroon, Pine Green, Black, White and Clear.

Inside Wire Hardcover

This stock binding technique is a wonderful look for lay-flat cookbooks. A hardback spine enhances the front and back hardcovers by enabling expressive wrap-around artwork for a thoroughly professional appearance. Mainly chosen for community wide sales drives or 500 quantity and up. This style adds about three to four dollars cost and brings a very lucrative retail income.

Spiral Coil or
Wire Binding

The main use of wire loops or plastic coils is for a book that can be flipped back in half upon itself to save counter space. The inexpensive wires are available in most colors but do not have the stiff spine or shelf appearance of a standard cookbook.

Comb with Hardcover

Many of our clients choose this version which features a hardback book feel along with the usual lay-flat capability. The stiff boards offer a more substantial heft to the publication which is often necessary for retail display. Cost is usually under two dollars more per book, but selling price offers proportionally higher profits.


A fine hardback book can be marvelously utilized for reference cookbooks, personal showpieces, and colorful coffee-table volumes. Let us assist you with marketing planning and characteristic design.


Many of our clients around the country adopt softcover binding for mass market books with large quantities. This keeps the total printing cost down for higher quantities which translates into easier selling price and wider distribution. While not a lay-flat style, paperbacks are frequently used and have unique advantages.


Three Ring Binder

Another lay-flat version which has the advantage of enabling the user to add more recipe pages into each section. You’ll have all the favorite dishes of your group in one volume and we can provide blank pages or pockets to add newcomers. Tab dividers look especially good in these colorful binders and additional sections can be added later. Cost is about three dollars more and we find that this binding choice is popular with close-knit clubs and church groups but not normally necessary for the retail shelf.

Cookbook FAQ’s

Can My Organizations Really Make Money with Cookbooks?

YES! Just about any group can sell 300 books at about: $10.00 profit each. Many of our clients raise $20,000 to $30,000 in one campaign and a cookbook is one of the few ways to raise such sums. Cooks in your community always want a book that contains local favorites. A cookbook filled with time-tested family recipes is an easy gift for all ages.


What Should I Sell Them For?

A standard book normally goes for $12 to $15 and larger ones sell at $16 to $19.95. Cookbooks in a bookstore have clear price categories based upon the binding style, color design and size. Generally you want to earn as much profit as possible on each transaction. Buyers have a general feeling of what they’re willing to pay retail for a certain design of book. Our staff will advise you on pricing after discussing marketing plans.


How Much Do the Cookbooks Cost?

Usually $4 to $6 or up. Your books will cost less with greater quantities ordered and will cost more with additional recipe pages. Since all our books are custom designed, we will give you a personal price quote after discussing your needs and preferences. You will never be charged for more than you signed for and we do not bill for overruns.


How Many Should I Order?

This is commonly decided by how much income you wish to earn from the project - or just by how many books your group can safely sell. We’ve seen thousands of organizations conduct book fundraisers and your consultant can offer guidance on an order quantity to match your particular situation. Factors such as membership, city size, and design content all are taken into account. Most groups get 300, 500, or 1,000 books and community wide sales are often 2,000 to 3,000 cookbooks.


What About Reorders?

Your originals are stored indefinitely and reorders cost about 50¢ less per book. We encourage you to be conservative on the initial order quantity and just reorder if necessary. Your personal quotation can include pricing for different quantities of first order and reorders. Except for ongoing retail style books, most groups should choose a quantity; sell them all until done; and then close the project and use the profits for another undertaking.


How Long Does It Take?

This is an important consideration and a time-line should be planned for the project. Deadlines can easily slip away and one of the important jobs of the committee is to collect enough recipes promptly. It usually takes you a month to collect and sort recipes; 6 weeks at Wise Publications to custom design, type and print; and a month or more to sell-out. You should plan to have the books out a couple of weeks before a special event like a festival. Buyers will have heard the book is available by then and be wanting to purchase. Cookbooks for Christmas season sales should be out by November 1st.


What Are the Payment Terms?

Individual publishers, organizations and foreign orders are required to pay a 1/2 deposit when submitting recipes and the balance before delivery. For established restaurants, schools and churches submitting a signed purchase order, we accept 1/2 upon ordering and the balance is due 30 days after receipt. Generally, you have to sell only one-third of the total quantity to get your money back even. A cookbook project is a business investment of your funds and one should always feel confident that the project will be profitable. Many groups order a conservative quantity; sell them and double their money; then use just the profits to reorder. Others sell ads to help raise the initial funding.


OK, How Do I Get Started?

Well, call us and let’s talk about your ideas. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own - we’ll guide your committee every step of the way. Your situation is unique and a Wise Publications consultant can help you do things the easiest way.


What Do We Do As A Committee?

The cookbook fundraiser committee’s main responsibility is to make the project a success by selling all of the books. You should gather individuals who are enthusiastic about what the profits they generate will be used for. The second most important job is to collect recipes promptly at the start and check each one so the project can proceed on time. The fun part - planning the design elements is pretty easy since we do most of it for you.


How Do I Decide What Features I Want in My Book?

The best way is to pull a bunch of cookbooks off the shelf and lay them out on the kitchen table. Most people have never thought about the manufacturing and design of books before - but you know what you like. You should also visit the bookstore and see how the most popular cookbooks are designed today. Wise Publications produces each with individual custom attributes - whether it is a low-cost family collection or a coffee table book loaded with extras.


How Many Recipes Do I Have to Collect?

 250-300 recipes normally fills a book of I00 pages. 400 or so is nicer, but 500 recipes and above make a more expensive book to market. You should look at the page count of some cookbooks at home for an idea of what size you like. The committee also needs to add or cut recipes so the section-size is appropriate.


Will You Correct Recipes?

Our experienced typists will take the recipes from all your different contributors and type them in a consistent style throughout the book. We will standardize abbreviations, correct obvious misspellings and even delete garbled recipes. But the committee must check each recipe before submission, especially the spelling of contributor’s names. You should not wait to read the recipes when you receive the proof-copy because there is an extra charge to make alterations at that late stage.


Can I Type the Recipe Pages Myself?

Yes, but not if you don’t want to. Recipe typing is an enormous job and is best done by those familiar with the unusual content. An individual typist can build pages at about 7 recipes per hour; so a basic 300 recipes and filler might take 50 hours. At one hour per night in their spare time it would take ... more trouble than it’s worth! The cost savings are not that much and the 50 hours of effort should be spent on the selling of your cookbooks. However, for those who want to design a personalized book we can give submission guidelines regarding page margins, etc. and price quotes.


Do I Get to See A Proof Before Printing?

Of course. Our professional proofreaders will carefully go over your final draft twice before sending the proof photocopy to your committee for approval. But the ultimate responsibility for any errors lies with you when you do the last sign-off on the proof and send it back. We will correct any typos on our part at no charge, but editorial changes by you may incur extra cost. Normally you will have signed-off on certain parts of the book beforehand, (art design, recipe format, divider selection, etc.) Do not wait until the printed books arrive to sit down and really look at things, as it will be too late.


What About a Copyright?

Most types of cookbooks do not need it and Wise Publications will not hold a copyright on your book. If you wish to do so for a retail-style book we can provide you with the form and guidance. There is a filing fee and you submit two printed books to the agency. Most people send this off on the day they receive the printed books and before distribution to the public. It is interesting to learn that the Library of Congress will not copyright an individual recipe, but you can register your design and arrangement of the page content. Please note that stock artwork and text provided by Wise Publications remains our property.


What Other Services Do You Offer?

All of them, and too many to list here. Just be assured that Wise Publications is a full service, custom book manufacturer and can provide you with anything you need for a profitable cookbook enterprise. Items commonly supplied are: ad sales forms, recipes forms, envelope mailers, and display

stands. We also do things like marketing copywriting, bar codes, full color art and even commercial photography for local clients.


Do You Do Larger Books?

Yes, We excel in the commercial market. Most of the literature presented here is geared towards organizations and committees as a helpful guide on how to get started. But the bulk of our cookbook business is with independent publishers producing retail mass-market books. You would be surprised at how many enterprising individuals and restaurants are earning tens of thousands of dollars thru writing and promoting their own books. While many authors are hoping a publishing house will pick up their manuscript; others have the gumption to go it alone and earn the profits for themselves.


Do You Do Other Books?

Oh Yes! We are a full-range book bindery equipped to do anything and everything. Perhaps yourself or others on the committee are planning a cookbook fundraiser especially because you’ll get a kick out of making a book. Well we’d like to talk to you. Everyone has an idea for a good book whether it’s a family history or a children’s book.

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