Publish Your Poetry Book

Fine Bookbinding - If your literary talent lies in the poetic arts, Wise Publications can be your platform to becoming a published poet in style. Our staff will help guide you in crafting a beautiful, quality chapbook or hardcover. We have many select papers, leathers and liners to suggest for papercrafting your journal.

Your First Edition – We do a lot of limited edition first collections, often in about 25 shortrun quantities. Thirty pages is usually about right for a chapbook. That’s enough for your best works to be read by an enthusiast in one or two sittings. We can create a harmonizing cover design to represent your theme.

Most of our clients go thru a total of about 250 books over several reorders. This is about how many readers most authors know within their circle of acquaintances, work & church, etc. At $4 - $9 each these are not too expensive for hand-selling inscribed single copies and even giving away.

Marketing Your Works – You’ll want to start by submitting your poems to the journals and small presses. It’s a fun experience. Beware of anthology publishers that just charge fees instead of the literary tradition. Local bookstores don’t usually stock unagented poetry and readers don’t normally seek out the genre. They are often hesitant to purchase unknown poets. So, what next?

Author Readings Sell Poetry – The most successful way we’ve seen to market poetic works is thru author appearances. You can distribute a good quantity of books profitably and it’s a satisfying interaction with your readership. Once someone has met an author, that’s when they want to read your prose.

Libraries, coffee shops, galleries, and youth workshops are the way to proceed. Tell anecdotes about your muses and how you create. Call us, we can suggest a lot of things we’ve seen our authors try. Facebook posts are popular & free or we can set you up with your own website for blogging and direct re-orders.

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