Marketing Materials

Wise Publications offers many useful items at a reasonable cost. You can add each one step-­by-­step as your book sales program grows.

Press Releases are needed for news media to use in announcing your book signings. We will prepare this digital file with your book cover, author bio, blurbs, etc.


Bookmarks are your new business card and advertise your works. Include one with each book sold.

Order Forms can also be included in each book and serve as a type of sales flyer. Readers give them to their friends when recommending your book.


Postcards are used to promote book signings when you have access to a pertinent mail list. Nicer than an e-­mail and used for reception type events.


Posters look good in store windows and at point-­of-­purchase. Makes your book stand out in the reader’s viewpoint.

Table Throws are a good upgrade when you plan a lot of signings. You are perceived as a more substantial publisher.


Shirts generate additional profits per reader and catchy imprints can be designed for all genres.


Stuffed Animals for the children’s market are available in all creatures. We put a cute imprinted t-­shirt on them.


Coloring Sheets and Stickers are a great free item at schoolchildren book readings. We include your website for sales to parents.

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