Book Repair

  • Ribbons replaced
  • Gold leaf stamping
  • Repair torn pages
  • Handstitch book signatures
  • Custom note pages
  • Vellum liners
  • Handtooled decorations
  • Antique fittings & clasps
  • Suede pockets added
  • Marbled endpapers
  • Pen holder added
  • Re-dye faded leather



     Over the past 30 years now, Wise Publications has custom repaired 26,000 timeless volumes and enabled them to be brought back into daily use...where the Good Book should be. Whether it’s a grandparents old bible or a childs First Bible, your family legacy can be restored to pass on to the next generation.


  • Daily reading bibles custom bound in  leather
  • 19th   Century  large  family   bibles  restored
  • Children’s books refurbished
  • Study  bibles  in  custom  designed new cover
  • Mom’s   old    favorite     cookbook    repaired
  • Paperbacks  resewn  into   hardcover  binding
  • Large bible clamshell storage boxes


Wise Publications Printing has produced over 3 million books for 10,000 authors. We specialize in hardback & paperback books from 1 to 10,000 at a reasonable price that fits your publishing budget.

We design, typeset, print, & bind about 200 non-fiction titles a year for area writers. Author services also include illustrations, professional editing, press releases, ghostwriting & marketing guidance




     We prefer to restore your bibles original binding and refresh its time worn appearance.  But a new leather cover on old familiar pages is a pleasure to hold in the hand, and smells great too!

     All new bindings are genuine hide leathers only, usually pigskin and sometimes cowhide which come in a range of 50 dyed colors.  Many leather grains  are   available;  with   ostrich   and  alligator texture being popular embossed finishes.  Calfskin, kid  leather,  &  sheepskin  are requested by the connoisseur and for Hebrew  Bibles.  Kangaroo is expensive, but  is fantastic to recreate those old intricate stamping designs.  Imitation leather and fine linen cloth are available for our veggie friends.

     The aroma and feel of genuine leather on a treasured book that you hold everyday, is a unique way to extend its life.



     We’ll need to see your book to evaluate the work to be done.  Stop by, or send us an email attachment from  your camera phone.  We’ll give  you an  itemized estimate of  repair and options.


New cover in genuine leather                                                          per size  $55-$85

Restore large family bible                                                                          $110-$180

Reconditioning, light repair & reassemble                                   $20(minimum) -$40

Repair cracked spines, rehinge covers                                                 $35-$60 & up

Hand re-stitching of adhesive bound books                                   additional $35-$50


EXTRAS: shipping $6, gold stamped name $7.50,  suede pockets $15, Ribbons $1.00, repair torn pages .10 ,personal design stamping $20 - $40, add family record pages $2, clamshell storage box $70. Installment payments available, work progresses in stages.



809 East Napoleon Street

Sulphur, Louisiana 70663