A Code of Five Colors

A Tape Measure, A Walk
and an Apple

By Marguertie
Lampirez Meaux, M.S., R.N.



ISBN #: 978-061580427-9


Publisher: Wise Publications


Released: 2012


Size: 8 x 5 • Paperback


Pages: 44  • Black and White Illustrations and Charts

A Code of Five Colors

A Tape Measure, A Walk and An Apple

Learning this simple program will change your life!

By Marguertie Lampirez Meaux, M.S., R.N.

Each day you eat one half of an apple between your first and second meal, and again between your second and third meal.

Each day you select food by color.

Each day you use real food, nothing artificial. Each day you eat only three white foods.

Each day you eat no more than six teaspoons of fat.

Each day you eat a snack before going to bed.

Each day you will make one meal raw, except for the meat.

Each day you will drink whole milk, if you drink milk. Each day you will drink no more than two small soft drinks.

Each day you will not drink any liquid before or during the meal.

Each day you will use real butter and real sugar. No substitutions or diet foods of any kind.

Each day you will look at a garment in the size you want to be.

Each day you will tell yourself it is more important to think of size, rather than pounds.

Walking is the recommended exercise activity for this program


About the Author

Marguerite Meaux is a pioneer nurse practitioner graduate from the University of Alabama. She has been a nutritionist since 1986 and has published many nutrition features titled Wishing You Well and wrote a health newsletter for more than 25 years. She has held many different nursing positions during her career. She retired in nursing education as an Associate Professor.

To date, Ms. Meaux sees clients seeking weight management. She lives in her log home in the piney woods of central Louisiana and continues to write her next book, which is a collection of poems.


From Surviving to Thriving

In Health and Weight Loss

"Achieving your best self with whole foods as nature intended."

By Laverne S. Dupre, BS, MS, ND

From Surviving to Thriving was written to help people:

Understand what real nutrition entails

Realize that the body can heal itself without the use of medication

Control their weight without counting calories or weighing food

Attain mental and emotional health

Apply spiritual principles to every area of our well-being


From Surviving
to Thriving

In Health and Weight Loss

By Laverne S. Dupre, BS, MS, ND



Publisher: Crossbooks


Released: April 6, 2012


Size: 6x9 • Paperback


Pages: 118


About the Author

Laverne S. Dupree has studied nutrition for a lifetime, first as a Home Economics Teacher and, after attaining a Doctorate in Naturopathy, as a professional in the field of natural healing. She has impacted many with her unconventional approach to her subject matter.

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