Publish Your Genealogy Book

Many sources have helped you research your hobby, but what about publishing?

How do you organize all the documents you have accumulated?

Custom family genealogy books are usually self-published and our book-bindery has done millions. Wise Publications Printing guides many researchers who don’t quite know how to start to compile it all into book format. We can also offer professional assistance with standard genealogical sequencing, online database attribution, indexing, and editing.

Microfiche, tape, floppy discs...we’ve worked with it all. But hardcover books are still sitting on the shelf, holding valuable pre-digital information, preserved for generations.

We often receive old family manuscripts to scan that were done on a manual typewriter. The Wise family has been publishing for seventy years and the senior Mr. Wise is still regularly selling his books from the 1960’s!

What Makes A Good Book?


We can help you define what general family values
you discovered. Hard work, adventurism, education,
fun-loving. Families traditions really do have distinct, positive characteristics.


Book Cover

Usually this is a photo of your main antecedent, but let’s liven up the look with multiple images from the era. We can put several on the back also.


Family Heirlooms

Bibles, letters, quilts, recipes, equipment, postcards, travel info, work papers...anything that provides a touchstone to the past is fascinating for your readers.


Inserting personal data into your individual records is great. “Uncle Joe was a devout Lutheran and grew the biggest tomatoes”. Proud newspaper clippings are a wonderful addition.

Oral history

You’ll often collect old time family memoirs and stories that someone transcribed. Use excerpts, tales, life advice, and jokes. All good material.


Useful data on old homesites and cemeteries is important. Roads and communities change so much. Immigration routes across the U.S. are popular.


Every book must have an index. Your software program will have this and we’ll just have to coordinate the page numbers and additions.

List of Sources

Accurately cite everything. All future researchers will require proper attribution and credit. List key court houses, library societies and online databases used.

Available from Author

We will list your contact info for reorders and a second (younger) contact is good too. We receive calls almost daily looking for out of print titles and we pass on the authors info.


You should include a notice requesting updated info. The rule of thumb is that as soon as you publish, you need to plan the reorder. Those stubborn contributors sure do provide data when they’ve been left out!

Cover Title

A catchy title sets the whole theme of your family’s history. “The Smiths, alway carry on, from Baltimore to Ohio”, “Proud to be a Watson”.


Cover Subtitle

You should list all major subfamily lines included in your research here.



Marriage licenses and birth records on key family members that you have tracked down are crucial primary source evidence.

How Data is Organized

A page on which system was used is crucial. A listing of family lineage is also important.

When to


Although online research is never completely finished, at some point you have to publish for others. Usually when your major lines are mostly finished.


Your well crafted hardcover will be a thoughtful gift that will be handed down for generations. We recommend that you donate to libraries that were central to your family history and sell copies at cost to family. Most average clients eventually use about 200 volumes thru reordering and they stay in print for decades.


Owner Larry Wise is a second generation professional genealogist who has burrowed thru records around the country including the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The Dar library in Washington, the Library of Congress and numerous State Archives. We know what makes a good book and we bind them right here in our plant.

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