The Bridwell Family

in America

By Erbon H. Wise



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Publisher: Wise Publications


First Printing: 1968


Revised Edition: 1978


Size: 6 x 9 • Hardcover


Pages: 189 • Black and White Photographs

The Bridwell Family in America

By Erbon H. Wise

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The Bridwell family is of English descent. There is a recorded coat of arms for the Bridvill family of England, a spelling quite probably an ancient variant for the current spelling Bridwell.

The family name, Bridwell, is not a common one in England today and several researchers have tried, without success, to find it there in recent years


About the Author

Retired Major General Erbon Wise remembers his days in World War II like they were yesterday. He was stationed in England with the same B-17 unit as the Memphis Belle and was part of the Normandy Invasion.

"They wanted a fighter group on the beach head," said Wise. "So we went ashore right along with the other troops there. It was about the third day. The war was going pretty strong. We knocked the hedgerows down and we built a strip for the first fighter group on there."

At that same airstrip, Wise got to meet British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in a secret visit to France.

"They taxied up to me and I could see that the feller in the other plane was having trouble getting the door open. So I went and jerked the door open for him and out jumped Mr. Churchill with his big cigar. He looked at me and said, 'Take me to the front lines.'"

Wise was riding a bicycle at the time and was taken aback.

"Here I was with a bicycle and he's ordered me to take him over the hill to the front lines. I'll tell you this. The thought occurred to me that maybe I could get him on the handle bars of this bicycle. I was sitting there with my mouth open wondering what to do."

Eventually he says he commandeered a jeep and took Churchill to the front lines. After the war, Wise operated several community newspapers in Leesville, Deridder and Sulphur.

General Wise has written 24 books. Some on his military years and this one's called "Some Characters I've Met." Wise retired from the newspaper business in 1998



Family of Eloi Jardneaux

Compiled by Louise Ellender

Publisher: Wise Publications

Released: 2015

Size: 8 1/2 x 11 • Hardcover

Pages: 300 • Hundreds of Color Photographs

Family of Eloi Jardineaux

Compiled by Louise Ellender



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