Copyright - All legal rights belong to the author upon creation of any works, so some people don’t have a need to register a copyright. The credits page will list you as holder of copyright and nothing in our transactions gives Wise Publications any rights at all. But if you’re putting excerpts out there on the internet, there’s some peace of mind in paying $55 & filing a Form TX anyway.

Most authors complete this themselves or our staff can fill it out in your name for a small fee. We always suggest that you do this when you’ve just received the first two books published and before distribution. It’s kind of cool to know that your actual books will be warehoused in the Library of Congress forever.


ISBN – Any book to be sold will require an International Standard Book Number from Bowker. This is a unique “social security number” for each version of a work. It’s how everyone’s system works now since an internet search can turn up hundreds of authors with the same name.

We obtain the numbers in bulk and resell them to you for a reasonable fee of $55 per book version. We do this as a service which includes a barcode with retail price data and registration filing in the Books In Print national database. We can also just use your number or even add barcode stickers to the books later.


File Submission - Preview of your files is usually done in the editing process and we make sure everything is being saved in a way that we can print. You don’t need to spend time with InDesign or page margins, just send us digital PDF files and we will make them into a book. Formatting a whole book takes our graphic designers a couple of days and it’s what your fee is for. Call us about your project and we’ll talk it over to get you squared away.


Scans are usually done by us on our high resolution equipment, so just send in the photos and other material with page numbers noted. Or you can do some at 300 dpi for photos & 600 dpi on other items. There’s no additional charge for graphs, old pictures, maps or drawings.


Authors Alterations must be completed before your manuscript is given to us for page design. If you change any sentences on your proof copy later it will throw off the page formatting and incur extra labor charges.


Payment Terms - There is no obligation for all initial discussions, quotes, editing review etc. Your order with us begins when you release the final manuscript and order your quantity of books. At that time a 50% deposit is received for Wise Publications to begin production labor and order paper. This is your commitment to proceed with us. The final payment is due when you have seen your sample and give us press-proof approval to begin printing.


Shipping - Shipping charges are not included in the per book price. Your order will be securely boxed, sent in the most economical way, & charged at actual freight cost. If you’re in our area, sometimes we could meet you halfway and save any extra expense. There are no boxing or handling charges. No tricky overages either - the amount you ordered is what you pay for.

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