A great cover design is your book's first marketing effort. A book really is judged by its cover since they haven't bought it yet to go home and read your works. The back cover descriptive elements should accurately represent the quality manuscript inside and close the retail sale.

     You will want us to polish your visual concept so that the book will look equal to others on the store shelf. At this final step (which is separate from page formatting) we can't risk it appearing like something you just did yourself. Let us add all the unique elements that make a book look like a book.

     A beautiful cover created under Wise Publications' art direction will make your publishing project successful and more profitable.



Cover Design Fee


*Required to prepare your manuscript for publishing.

     Includes several hours work on a new, fresh design of your creative vision. Will contain all required elements suitable to book genre. Copy writing of blurbs as needed and integration of photos and illustrations you submit. Multiple online revisions till you're satisfied. Final copyright is assigned to author as work-for-hire.


Additional Costs

  • Stock Photo Acquisition
  • We collaborate with many artists
  • if a specific topic illustration is requested
  • In-house Studio Photography


Free evaluation of your design so far.

Book Cover Checklist

Cover Elements

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author
  • Main Illustration/Photography
  • Background Design
  • Color Scheme
  • Font Selection
  • Genre Specific Elements
  • Crop Margins

Back Cover

  • Descriptive Blurb
  • Contents Blurb
  • Author Photo
  • Brief Bio
  • Endorsement Quotes
  • ISBN Number
  • Bar Code
  • Publishing Indicia
  • Website Info
  • Cover Design
  • Price


  • Title
  • Author Name
  • Publisher

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