Publish Your Children's Book

Accomplishing the goal of publishing your first book is an exciting and joyous partnership. The traditional 32 page children’s book is an art form with rich language and unique illustrative style. Whatever age format you’ve always wanted to write, we can help fine-tune a narrative message for your target readership. We will turn your story into a book.

For 34 years now Wise Publications Printing has been assisting authors who publish their labor of love. You will collaborate with the designers and craftspeople who are actually binding your works. The project advances at your own pace with personal service and suggestions from talented professionals.

What goes into a good book?

For read-to books we’ll see that you have age-appropriate vocabulary and type fonts need to be sans-serif. Libraries assign books by reading level format, so our editors will check that for you if needed. Juvenile fiction is usually reviewed by school committees. While the author always retains creative control, it’s good to catch anything ahead of publication. Wise Publications can fabricate all binding styles from board books to smythe-sewn. We also do a lot of individual private editions. Custom features include copyrights and ISBN numbers. All filed in your name. Specialty papers and illustrated liners really add to your books’ perceived value. We’ll need your photo for an About the Author feature. Readers like to bond with a writer and it builds your brand. A colorful bio makes a good blurb.



Writing your story

It all begins with a cute idea. Once you have a clever creative concept, there are many online sites to guide you in the actual writing process. Wise Publications edits manuscripts daily and would be happy to see your work for a free read-thru. We often see little ways to improve the storytelling and craft a bestseller. Reviving an old family tale is a good start. It’s been retold because it was a great story.

Educational Genres

Children’s causes that are close to the heart make a good story. Environmental, special needs, domestic issues; We’ve even done braille books. Such informational topics also work well in activity books. We assist many groups in creating a fund-raiser.


Illustrating your story

Commissioning one of our artist partners is the best way to get just the book you are dreaming of. It’s a pretty cool process too! We work with several commercial illustrators and will steer you to someone who shares your creative expression.

A dozen color illustrations, custom printed for your story might cost about $100 a piece. (Your payment goes directly to the artist themselves). A usual 32 page story would also have about 20 text pages with a colorful background design.


Get started thru
book signings

Book-readings are fun! It’s a fantastic way to gain feedback from the children and parents. You sell your books directly and get to keep all the money.

You’ll need a floppy hat, a colorful jacket and some props. Read some excerpts and tell anecdotes about creating the artwork.

We can provide you with stickers, bookmarks and coloring sheets to give out. Posters and order forms are necessary. Many of our clients sell stuffed animal characters, shirts and activity books that we custom print. Educational presentations can be adjusted for any reader level.


What are storyboards?

We’ll need to copy-fit your narrative into two-page spreads. It’s an interesting process and kind of fun. Usually each turn of page is a scene change or a different view. Sometimes the text flow is edited to fit. Then the character illustrations are thumbnailed and rough sketched for position. Next is backgrounds, clothing style, wildlife etc...then it’s all given to the illustrator to start being creative and artistic. In your story meetings you will tell us just what you envisioned.

Online Book Sales

Once you begin distributing your new book to readers, the next step is capturing online reorders. The people who love your characters will want to reorder more from somewhere. By enabling them to buy direct from the publisher you get to keep all your income.

Most writers are content to inscribe their books in person and hand it directly to the reader to take home. But there are steps to take it to the next level. First, buyers need to be able to find you in a digital search. A Facebook page is a good start on building your brand and it’s free.

For online sales you’ll need a webpage and a Paypal account. Some people do this themselves using a template/hosting service. For those less tech-savy, Wise Publications can make you a basic e-commerce site for about $500.

For a fee we can also do the digital labor to get you set up on Kindle or Createspace, etc. It’s nice to be found on these sites but the start up costs of a couple hundred dollars are not always re-couped.

Next is to start building your brand thru online publicity and blogs etc. It can be very gratifying to chat with fans. We recommend that one stair-step at a time is a good approach and just see where things lead you.


The problem of vanity publishing

It hurts us to see new writers have their money taken for dubious benefits. If you are paying out of your own funds for “subsidy printing” then you’re not being published. If an “agent’s” company doesn’t manufacture their own books, then they’re making a commission off of you. Some people want to believe, but the profits don’t add up.

How many can I sell?

We’ve seen that anyone can sell about 300-600 books. This is the average circle of contacts, then they also sell another 300 through book readings. Usually about ten book signings, signing 25 or more at each event.

   Most writers are very happy with this and we’ll guide you in achieving it. We can show you many published books that have sold over 5,000 copies locally in just 2 years of reorders.


So what does Wise Publications offer?

Our business model is to assist you in modern self-publishing. You pay directly for books we craft right here in our bookbindery,  and you order individual services at an upfront cost. No pricey packages or over-promises from us. Your independent business should be the one profiting off your own creative works. Not someone else taking your savings and then the sales income also. Let’s talk about your options and provide some bids.

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