Book Marketing Plan

At Wise Publications we talk to authors every day and give out lots of advice. It’s what we have to offer and it’s enjoyable to talk with creative people all day. But it’s a lot of info for newcomers to take in from scratch, and there’s so many kinds of advice on the net also. A lot of people have big future plans that can seem overwhelming to reach. So where to start?


Step-by-Step – Your Book Marketing Plan is just a to-do list that lays out all your options in sequence. It starts off with a sort of a Mission Statement and then details action steps to obtain your sales goal. It helps to keep you on track and not spend too much energy on side projects at the beginning.


So first, we want to evaluate your resources.


What do you want to write about? But more importantly, what will readers want to buy. Any plan for more sales starts with the products marketability.

What is your market?

If you’re writing about birdwatching in Michigan, then where are those books being purchased now? If you have a romance e-novel about vampire interior decorators, then consider what fan sites are blogging to that sub-genre. Will stores even stock it?

What are your skills?

Does your novel include young & old characters? Is it inclusive? What about background detail & authentic dialogue. Is your history book complete? Are you ready to publish? Our professional editors can provide a free read over and a friendly critique.

HOw much do you want to earn?

For most people, selling about 300 books and making a few thousand dollars profit is a satisfactory creative venture. Wise Publications can tell you how to achieve that business success with almost any title. Then you will build from there. - Bigger dreams? Let’s start planning ahead now.

What's your comfort LEvel?

 What’s your Comfort Level? - Authors have to promote their own books, it’s what readers expect. Would you enjoy doing readings or workshops? What about TV? Or, are you the type that likes to surf the fansites and blog every day. These decisions about yourself will directly affect this Book Marketing Plan.

Email Lists?

  What kind of publicity can you promise a bookstore manager for your first signing? You know hundreds of potential readers thru work, clubs, church, civic clubs, & social life. Every one of us knows 500 people. But do you have all their e-mails? Postal is too expensive and you want to steer them all to your online site for sales.

   Don’t be shy, this is very important for launching your business. These acquaintances will tell their friends and drive more people to your site. There’s too many other books available out there. This list is necessary to get your start and determines how many books to get.

HOw much time do you have?

Can you spend one hour each night blogging? Would you enjoy that? Since you still have your day job, do all Author Appearances have to be on weekends? How many months can you push the initial launch until the family complains? Buyers expect their order right away, are you willing to ship books every day? - How much help can you expect? A good plan will define this in advance so you can prioritize your time.

What's your budget?

Self publishing could cost from $300 to $3,000 and also upfront expenses. The more books you buy, then the less cost and more profit per book. But it takes longer to reach break even. Children’s books cost more than paperback novels. Some number will be in your comfort zone. We discuss with every author how they are going to earn back their business investment first. You’ll have the info you need to decide upon a conservative quantity of books. Then think reorder.

WHo do you know?

Go down your Christmas card list and see if anyone manages a gift shop. Do you know someone who knows someone at the local cable channel? Now’s a good time to start networking and mention that you’re finishing your book. Begin a long list of sales prospects. Every single person who knows you even slightly will be interested in looking at a book you published.

Social Media

Do you know how to start off with a free Facebook page? Prospects have to be able to find you digitally. Next is a website for credit card sales. Is that something for now or later? Can you do it yourself? (Wise Publications offers basic Author Website design for a reasonable fee.) Be cautious about the many online author sites. All their advice seems to cost you more of your money. It should be planned & decided upon in the beginning. Our counsel is to just get the book on out there, and upgrade & take on more after you’ve gotten the income coming in. Rollover your profits.

So, this was a lot to consider  but it’s what turns  a creative effort  into a business venture.

What’s next?



Finish the manuscript

Finish, Finish, Finish. That’s the hard part and is what makes you an author. At some point in the editing it’s all good and is time to release it to the public. Many authors have trouble with this but we can’t start our portion till you’re completely done.

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