comb binding

coil binding

wire binding

3-ring binder

Wise Publications produces all types of book bindings right here in our full

service plant in Louisiana . We are not a broker for others and Mr. Wise still

manages the production staff himself everyday. We have a lot of photos of

volumes done throughout our literature here.


Hardback books

Hardback books are priced as having a full color printed & laminated cover

with side sewing for permanence. Cloth covers with foil stamping are often

ordered, especially for Genealogy. Leather, Dust jackets, two-tone Half bindings,

foldout Charts or children’s Board Books are sometimes requested.


Perfect Bound

Perfect Bound paperbacks are done with strong adhesive in any

quantity and will need to include a spine imprint for store shelving.

All sizes are produced but usually the book genre calls for a certain

size & appearance for sales purposes. A lot of authors get both the

cost effective Paperbacks and also some nice Casebound.


Comb Binding

Comb Bindings are standard for Cookbooks to lay flat and have a stiff plastic

spine. Stores will also require that retail cookbooks have a printed spine.


Coil Binding

Coil Bindings are used for Manuals and the plastic spiral allows

the books to be flipped all the way around.


Saddle Stitch

Saddle Stitching is a magazine style binding used for traditional

Chapbooks and Programs. Single signature sewn books are

sometimes done for Children's.


3-Ring Binding

3-ring Binders are custom fabricated for industry Logs and Cookbooks.


Plastic Strip Binding

Plastic Strip binding is used for business Reports.


Wire Coil

Wire Coil is sometimes used for specific applications.

Post Binding

Post bindings are still requested for archiving original Church Minutes or



Paper Selection

Paper Selection - Normal pricing is based upon industry standard 60# offset

for your b&w book pages or 80# matte for color printing. This has good opacity,

a nice white, and is acid free. Natural ivory color paper and 70lb offset or 100 lb.

coated thickness; is also often requested. Paperback covers are printed on 10 pt.

glossy cardstock.


For Poetry or shorter runs we can get out the paper

swatches and do a lot of interesting things with papercrafting.

-Ask to see samples of books we’ve done similar to your


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Sulphur, Louisiana 70663